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Posted on: 09/09/2022

St Mary's Church of England Primary School successful in securing SSAT Leadership Legacy Project place

Karen Porter from St Mary's Church of England Primary School has been accepted
onto the prestigious Leadership Legacy Project by SSAT, the Schools, Students
and Teachers network.

They will be part of an impressive group of future education leaders from across the
country designated as SSAT Leadership Fellows. Successful Leadership Fellows
are all in their first 2-5 years of teaching and have been selected by their
headteachers as already showing the potential to become outstanding school
leaders. Involvement in the programme demonstrates commitment by St Mary's
Church of England Primary School and SSAT to developing the next generation of
system leaders.

We already know the impact of this project at an individual level is very impressive.
Leadership Fellows enrolled on previous years’ programmes have achieved
increased leadership responsibilities at an early career stage, through exposure to a
wide range of knowledge and information which boosts confidence levels. We also
know the activities that the Fellows undertake have impact at classroom and whole
school level and bring additional benefits in terms of whole school performance.

SSAT has been designing and delivering school leadership development
programmes for over 15 years and has over 14,000 alumni, among them some of
the country’s most prestigious education system leaders. SSAT is fully committed to
supporting the development of the next generation of education system leaders and
is investing in this prestigious project, free to participating schools.

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