Financial Reporting

Companies House

The Good Shepherd Trust is registered with Companies House in England and Wales and the Company Number is: 08366199

If you would like to see further information about the company, please click here

Our registered office details can be found here.


Master Funding Agreement

A copy of the Master Funding Agreement for the Trust can be viewed and downloaded here


Audited Accounts

The audited accounts for the last three years can be found below:





Executive Pay

The Trust is required to publish the number of employees whose benefits exceeded £100k, in £10k bandings, for the previous year ended 31 August.

The details for 2022-23 are as follows:

Total Employee benefit range     

No of Employees 2022-23   








Gender Pay Gap Report

Please click here to download the latest Gender Pay Gap Report.


Trade Union Facilities Time Reporting

Please click here to download the latest Trade Union Facilities Time reporting information.

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