Trustee Directors

The role of the Trustee Directors

The Trust is a charitable company and so Trustees are both charity Trustees (within the terms of section 177(1) of the Charities Act 2011) and company Directors.  As Trustees are bound by both charity and company law, the terms 'Trustees' and 'Directors' are often used interchangeably.

The Trustee Directors are accountable to the Secretary of State and the Trust Members for the operational performance of the Trust. They are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the Trust, and in accordance with the provisions set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association and its funding agreement, are legally responsible and accountable for all statutory functions, for the performance of the the Trust, and must approve a written scheme of delegation of financial powers that maintains robust internal control arrangements. The Trustee Directors have the right to review and adapt the governance structure at any time, which includes removing delegation for committees.

In addition they must carry out the three core governance functions:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Hold the executive to account for the educational performance of the Trust and their pupils, and the performance management of staff
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the Trust and make sure its money is well spent


Register of Interests

The  Register of Interests for Members and Trustee Directors can be found here.

Please see individual academy websites for the Register of Interests of local committee members.



The Board of Trustee Directors is chaired by The Very Revd Dianna Lynn Gwilliams who can be contacted here. 

Penny Came is the Governance Professional who provides guidance and support to the Trust Board and who can be contacted here.

The Company Secretary for the Trust Board is Diana Goodhugh, who can be contacted here.


Trust Board Committees

The Trustee Directors may establish committees to carry out some of their governance functions which may include making decisions, although any decisions made will be deemed decisions of the Trust Board.  They are the only people who can form committees. The membership and responsibilities of board committees are set out in the committee's terms of reference, which can be found in our governance handbook.

Currently the committees comprise:

1. Education - monitoring the effectiveness of educational provision in the Trust. The committee Chair is Mrs Katharine Crouch,

2. Resources - monitoring how effectively resources including finance and buildings are used to support the Trust’s work. The committee Chair is to be determined shortly.

3. Appointments and Remuneration - monitoring the effectiveness of resources including people and pay. This committee is chaired by The Very Revd Dianna Lynn Gwilliams.

4. Risk and Audit - monitoring the effectiveness of the Trust's approach to risk management and preparation for the annual auditing process. This committee is chaired by Mr Simon Harold Walker.

5. Local Committees 


Meet the Trustee Directors

The Trustee Directors are appointed by the Members, hold their term of office for 4 years, unless otherwise stated and may be re-appointed by Members.


Mrs Katharine Michal Anne Crouch

Appointed: 1st April 2019. Chair of the Education Committee.

Katharine entered the teaching profession after graduating from the University of Leicester with a degree in Biological Sciences. During her career, she has taught in maintained sector and independent schools, chiefly in the secondary sector in London and Surrey. Her career has encompassed teaching and management roles, serving as a Deputy and a Headteacher in an all through school from age 3-18.  She spent a number of years as Director of Pastoral Care where she exercised and developed a keen interest in how schools support children and families. Katharine has been married for over thirty years and has three grown up children. She is a committed member of a local church.


Mr Glenn Carmichael

Appointed: 6th May 2019. Member of the Resources Committee.

Glenn has been a Consulting Director; working with large complex clients on business transformation and delivery of their transformation or growth. He has extensive experience of working to improve business processes and risk management. He brings his commercial experience, his understanding of programme and project management and his expertise in business cases, due diligence and strategic decision making to support the further development of The Good Shepherd Trust.


The Very Revd Dianna Lynn Gwilliams 

Appointed: 9th June 2015. Re-appointed 8th June 2019. Chair of the Trust Board. Member of the Resources Committee and Chair of the Appointments and Remunerations.

The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams has been Dean of Guildford since 2013.  This role carries a responsibility across the Diocese of Guildford.  Previously she spent 36 years in south east London.  She originally read Physics and Chemistry at university and worked for many years as a Sound Engineer before taking up full time ministry in Southwark Diocese.  She began her engagement with education by becoming a parent governor and served as Chair or Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance Committee and Chair of Personnel Committee as well as Chair of various incarnations of Discipline, Grievance or Exclusions Committees.  As Vicar she served as a Foundation Governor at the parish Infants’ School, continuing involvement as Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Committees.  She is a Headteacher Performance Management Governor.  She served as an elected and appointed member of Southwark Diocesan Board of Education and the Finance and Development Committee of the SDBE.  She has contributed to governor training and to training for NQTs, with particular interest in Christian Distinctiveness and School Effectiveness. She has also served as school chaplain in the private sector and since 1992 exercised youth ministry in many different contexts.  Her MA is in Theological Education and Youth Ministry.  


Revd Derek John Holbird

Appointed: 8th April 2020. Member of the Education Committee.

Derek is a teacher by profession and has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools in Surrey and London.  He was Headteacher of Soho Parish School for 14 years and served London Diocese as a manager for courses aimed at aspiring heads and deputy heads. He was appointed Diocesan Director of Education for Guildford Diocese in 2001, leading a department that served 86 schools and colleges, as well as children’s and youth work in the parishes. He served a term on the Archbishops’ Council’s Education Committee, and on the C of E’s working group for Higher Education. Derek was a founder member of the Grove Books Education Series and also chaired the group that organised the National Conference for Christians in School Leadership. For over 30 years Derek was part of the leadership of Three Counties Church in Haslemere, later becoming a Lay Canon of Guildford Cathedral. In 2018 he was ordained priest and now serves as Curate in St Alban’s Church Hindhead. 


Mrs Yvonne McLeod

Appointed: 16th January 2018. Re-appointed 4th December 2019. Re-appointed 4th December 2021. Vice Chair of the Board and member of the Education, Risk and Audit and Resources Committees, also a link trustee for governance and health and safety.

Term of office: 2 years

Having completed a BEd (Hons), Yvonne worked in distribution and logistics management and latterly in change management. Yvonne became a governor when her children started school and became an Additional Skills Governor (ASG) for Surrey County Council eighteen years ago, supporting many schools. Yvonne has led and developed governance in challenging circumstances and has helped governance committees to develop a strategic understanding of their role in school improvement which leads to a positive impact on the future chances for every child. In 2013 Yvonne became a National Leader of Governance (NLG) and has used her skills to support schools beyond Surrey. Yvonne continues to share her governance expertise across maintained schools and academies.


Mrs Alison Louise Pollock

Appointed: 6th May 2019. Member of the Resources and Appointments and Remuneration Committees.

Alison (Louise) started out in new product development before working as an economist in Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT).  She has been Head of Operations for a Private Equity House and a Non-Executive Director of one of the largest nursing agencies in the UK.  She now works as a private strategy consultant and coach to Boards and senior executives.  This has included working with a public sector pension fund to assist in the development of the strategy that led to the creation of a £10bn fund.  She has three businesses:  One is Disruptive Coaching, aimed at helping individuals and teams to develop and evolve.  The second is Double Bubble Coaching, which designs and produces products that ease conversations between adults and children. Her third business is Neuroconomy, which provides consultancy services based on expertise from a number of different sectors and academic disciplines. She has an Honours degree in Economics, a Masters degree in Finance and is currently studying for another Masters Degree in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at Kings College London.  She is trained as a children’s mindfulness teacher. 


Mr Simon Harold Walker JP

Appointed: 22nd October 2014. Re-appointed 22nd October 2018. Chair of Risk and Audit Committee and member of the Resources, Education and Appointments and Remuneration Committees. Director with responsibility for safeguarding.

Simon graduated in Geography, then took a Masters in Tropical Agricultural Economics before pursuing a career in corporate finance, specialising first in business valuation and later strategic development and planning. Since taking “early retirement” in 2005, he has developed a portfolio career largely in voluntary roles. Simon has extensive experience as a Governor in both primary and secondary schools. He also serves as a Trustee/Director of Broadhurst (a mental health charity operating primarily in Rushmoor), a magistrate on the North Hampshire bench (sitting in both the adult and family courts) and a Licensed Lay Minister at St Peter’s, Farnborough.


Resignations in the last 12 months

Mrs Susan Potter - Appointed: 29th August 2013. Term of office ended on 28th August 2021.

Mr Nigel John Stapleton - Appointed: 22nd October 2014. Resigned 31st August 2021.


Become a Trustee Director

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee Director contact us.

Further details concerning the governance of The Good Shepherd Trust can be found here

Non Executive Director Recruitment

Opportunity for non-Executive Directors

The Good Shepherd Trust, a multi-academy Trust serving Surrey and north-east Hampshire is looking to appoint 3 or 4 new non-executive Directors to the Board. The Members of the Trust appoint applicants following a selection and interview process.

Are you someone who:

  • Enjoys working with others?
  • Understands the strategic role and responsibilities of non-executive Board members or is willing to learn more?
  • Enjoys the responsibility of governance and could bring skills in accountancy, business, human resources, or school leadership?
  • Supports the ethos and values of The Good Shepherd Trust as a Church of England multi-academy trust?
  • Has the time to commit to the work of the Board? This would be in the region of 6 -8 hours per month.

In addition to opportunities for non-executive Directors, the Board will be seeking a Chair to succeed the current Chair starting during the next academic year 2022-2023 and this may also be of interest. If you’d like to consider this role further, or like any more information please contact any of the following Trustee Directors:

Simon Walker at,

Louise Pollock at,

Yvonne McLeod at


Applications must be received by close of business on 22 June 2022


For more information about the role please click here

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