Trust Members

The Role of the Members

A member has a specific role in a multi academy trust, and not to be confused with members of committees. They:

  • are the subscribers to the memorandum of association (where they are founding members)
  • may amend the articles of association subject to any restrictions created by the funding agreement or charity law
  • may, by special resolution, appoint new members or remove existing members other than, where there is one, the foundation/sponsor body and any members it has appointed
  • have powers to appoint trustees as set out in the trust’s articles of association and powers under the Companies Act 2006 to remove trustees
  • may, by special resolution, issue direction to the trustees to take a specific action
  • appoint the trust’s external auditors and receive (but do not sign) the audited annual report and accounts (subject to the Companies Act)
  • have power to change the company’s name and, ultimately, wind it up.

The Members exercise their responsibilities as set out in the Companies Act and the Academies Trust Handbook.  

The Articles of Association for the Trust can be found here

Further details regarding the governance of the Trust can be found here and within our governance handbook.

Our governance structure can be found here

Interests of Members

The relevant interests for Members can be found on the same register as Trustee Directors on this page.


Members Details

Full Name of Member

Appointing Body

Date of Appointment

Mr James Friend

The Chairman of Trustee Directors 

17 May 2023

Rev Canon Colin John Matthews

Any person appointed under Article 15A

18 January 2013

Mr Alexander James Tear The Guildford Diocese Educational Trust acting corporately by hand of its Director 16th February 2021
Mr Simon Harold Walker JP Individual Member appointed by the Diocesan Corporate Member  5th December 2022


Members resigned/ retired in the last 12 months:

 Mr Peter David Coles Individual Member of the Diocesan Board of Education nominated by it for the purpose 30th June 2022
Rt Rev Dr Joanne Caladine Bailey Wells Individual Member of the Diocesan Board of Education nominated by it for the purpose 31st December 2022
The Very Revd Dianna Lynn Gwilliams The Chairman of Trustee Directors 17th May 2023


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