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Posted on: 08/07/2019

St. Paul's Young Carers Angel Award

The young carers at St Paul's were really excited to be presented with the Angel Award, they are a fantastic group of young people who have been brilliant at supporting each other all year. To achieve the award, some of the actions St Paul's has taken are; providing training for staff, assemblies and lessons for the whole school and support groups for young carers. Surrey Young Carer's were really supportive in helping us to achieve the award and our young carers really appreciate the support. They have helped to write this poem about being a young carer:

Being a young carer makes you helpful.
But sometimes you have to be careful.
You don’t want something to go wrong,
But if it does we have to stay strong.
Being a young carer makes a difference,
It is a very special experience.
Even though sometimes it is chaos.
But we try our best not to be cross.
Surrey Young Carers lets us try new things,
There is lots of fun it brings.
It helps us take a break for a while,
And afterwards we have a smile.


Angel award

Written by Chloe Benson
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