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Posted on: 17/06/2019

The Weald Yr 4 Residential Trip

All of the children who went on the Year 4 Residential Trip, with The Weald, enjoyed a wonderful action-packed few days despite the weather. Some of the activities included the high rope course, swimming, a challenge exercise in teams, team games, logic problems, foraging for food, fire lighting and an obstacle course!

When the children first arrived they had to make their own beds which proved interesting for some children! A small number of children were a little homesick at bed time but they worked through it and they all slept happily and well.

The catering was wonderful, and parents who were concerned about their fussy eaters did not need to worry. The Woodrow High House staff accommodated them beautifully and everyone ate well.

The overwhelming themes that came across were 'working together and looking after each other'. The children have been thinking carefully about getting drinks for their whole table rather than serving just themselves and it's been lovely to see them being so thoughtful and caring.

Written by Chloe Benson
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