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Posted on: 23/05/2019

GST School Leaders Conference - Day Two

After a good nights sleep and even more networking over breakfast, we were pleased to welcome the school leaders from our associate schools and begin the day. 

We commenced with an inspiring act of collective worship led by one of our Executive Headteachers, in which we were encouraged to reflect upon how we have enabled other adults and children within our schools to flourish. Our thoughts became words and were added to flowers that blossomed when they were placed into water.

Our morning then focussed on the curriculum. We explored the curriculum through the new Education Inspection Framework (September 2019) and had plenty of opportunities to share good practice and to consider how our existing curriculum plans might be adapted, to ensure that they best meet the needs of our current and future pupils. Physical and emotional health and wellbeing were high on the agenda, as was aspiration, transition, enquiry and ensuring that there was a clear progression of skill development, that met the needs of all children.

After lunch, we explored in detail our new Trust-wide summative, standardised, approach to assessment and how this will better inform future teaching and learning plans and outcomes for all children. We also found time to squeeze in the planning for our next senior leaders day in June and to begin considering the plans for our continuing professional development programme for 2019-20.

Our afternoon and conference concluded, with a beautiful Eucharist led by one of our Directors, The Very Revd Dianna Gwilliams. This included prayers, readings and intercessions from our school leaders and accompaniment to our singing from one of our central team members Stephen, on the guitar.

Our leaders appreciated the opportunity to come together with the central team, to support and learn from each other and to take time to support their own wellbeing.

We look forward to seeing all that is to come...

Written by Amanda Johnston
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