Trust Members

The Role of the Members

The Members exercise their responsibilities as set out in the Companies Act and the Academies Financial Handbook.  They hold Trust Directors (Trustees) to account for the performance of the Trust at the AGM and by means of an evaluation framework which they review together biannually.  They also appoint (and remove) Directors, having due regard to th Directors skills audit, and have the right to amend the Trust's Articles of Association.

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Further details regarding the governance of the Trust can be found here


Articles of Association

The Articles of Association for the Trust can be found here


Members Details

Full Name of Member

Appointing Body

Date of Appointment

Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests, including Governance Roles in other Educational Institutions


Mr Jonathan Gambier

The Guildford Diocese Educational Trust (GDET) acting corporately by the hand of its Director

3 December 2019


Rt Rev Dr Joanne Caladine Bailey Wells 








Mr Peter David Coles

2 individual Members of the Diocesan Board of Education nominated by it for the purpose

3 March 2017











19 November 2015

Bishop of Dorking

Member of The Alliance Multi Academy Trust

Trustee of Ridley Hall, Cambridge

Chair of South-Central Regional Training Partnership

Trustee & Chair of Guildford Diocese Educational Trust


Trustee of The Guildford Diocese Educational Trust

Company Secretary, Guildford Diocesan Board of Finance

The Very Revd Dianna Lynn Gwilliams

The Chairman of Directors (ex officio)

1 September 2020

See Trustee Register of Interests

Rev Canon Colin John Matthews

Any person appointed under Article 16

18 January 2013

Trustee of Guildford Diocese Educational Trust


Members in the last 12 months:

Mr Simon Harold Walker Appointed: 1st March 2015. Resigned: 31st August 2020. 


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