Admissions Arrangements

The Good Shepherd Trust is the Admissions Authority for all of its member academies.

The Trust covers a large geographical area, which encompasses the Diocese of Guildford, including Hampshire and Surrey Local Authorities.

Therefore the Trust Board annually produce and determine a 'base' Admissions Policy, which is subsequently adopted by each individual academy, with local variations.

The Trust delegates some operational admissions tasks to individual academies. These include the requirement for individual academies to undertake their own consultation on the policy and to run their own operational admissions processes, such as waiting lists. Academies are supported by the Trust central team as required.

The Local Authorities that we work within (Surrey and Hampshire), currently centrally co-ordinate the admissions processes for all of their schools, including academies. Therefore parents seeking a place for their child at any of our member academies should make an application to the relevant Local Authority.

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Policies and Appeals Timetables

Please contact the individual academies for information regarding their admissions policy, processes and appeals timetable.

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Objections or Complaints

If you wish to make an objection regarding the admissions policy of an academy, this can be done by following this link.

If parents wish to make a complaint about an Admissions Appeal Committee decision, further information can be found here.

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